Bally Sports Arizona Extra Channel Lineup

Bally Sports Arizona Extra Channel Lineup

2021-04-07 18:12:37

April and May are an incredible time for Arizona sports fans. The D-backs, Suns and Coyotes are all playing – and the Bally Sports Arizona networks will be the home of television for all three!

On the eight days when the D-backs, Suns, and Coyotes are playing at the same time, we'll be using a third channel to make sure you see your team playing. It's called "Bally Sports Arizona Extra." In addition to Bally Sports Arizona and Bally Sports Arizona Plus, it will also have a live game when in use.

Here is the schedule for Bally Sports Arizona Extra and the channel numbers based on the providers are below. Bally Sports Arizona offered this channel to all of its providers. If you are a customer of a provider that does not make them available, you can still stream the games via the FOX Sports GO app.

4/2 – D-backs vs Padres (6:30)

4/7 – Suns vs Jazz (6:30)

4/12 – Coyotes vs Avalanche (5:30)

4/21 – Coyotes vs Wild (5:30)

4/28 – Suns vs Clippers (6:30)

30-4 – D-backs vs Rockies (6:00)

5/5 – Coyotes vs Kings (6:30)

5/7 – D-backs vs Mets (3:30)


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