Behind Biden’s Flip-Flop on Refugees

Behind Biden’s Flip-Flop on Refugees

2021-05-04 22:32:06

As soon as he announced that he would stick to the 15,000 number, Biden was subjected to intense pressure from lawyers from the left. Yesterday, he bowed to that pressure, announcing that the country would welcome 62,500 refugees over the next six months. Who led the charge here and how did they eventually persuade the White House to change course?

There were a number of people who criticized the White House's decision to keep that refugee cap. The White House had not expected the backlash, believing the public would focus on removing the Trump-era restrictions that made it difficult for African refugees to enter the United States. Instead, Democrats in Congress, lawyers and refugee resettlement agencies have condemned the government for enforcing the limit.

It is important to note that in the past, presidents made the new cap official shortly after the official consultation with Congress. Biden had been delayed for over a month, despite a plea from his Secretary of State, Antony Blinken, to honor his commitment.

There is a difference between refugees, who are recognized by the international community as refugees for human rights violations at home, and asylum seekers, who do not always fit that definition, but make up a large proportion of migrants arriving in the UK. Southern border of the states. Will this decision have any impact on the fraught situation at the border?

Not immediately. As you notice, we are talking about two different immigrant populations here.

Refugees request to come to the United States overseas and are subjected to a rigorous screening process before boarding. Many of those on the border traveled from Central America and stepped onto American soil to seek asylum.

The United States has long believed that a strategy to discourage migrants from making the dangerous journey to the border offers more opportunities in Central America to apply for the refugee program – effectively allowing them to apply for protection in the United States, but without leaving their homeland. . Raising the limit is a step toward that goal, but it will take time to develop the infrastructure.

The White House has clarified that while the number of 62,500 is in line with the annual goal Biden pitched during the campaign, it does not expect to hit that number. It seems unlikely that there are simply not enough people fleeing danger abroad to reach that border. So what's preventing the United States from reaching its new ceiling?


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