The Capitol Riot Investigation: What to Watch For Today

The Capitol Riot Investigation: What to Watch For Today

2021-02-23 10:00:12

WASHINGTON – On Tuesday, a series of two-pronged investigative hearings will begin in the Senate to investigate the security breaches that failed to prevent the deadly Capitol riot, the most violent attack in more than 200 years on the building where Congress is meeting.

At a joint meeting of two Senate committees, lawmakers will have the opportunity to question the officials responsible for securing the Capitol during the Jan. 6 attack, when Capitol Police officers and members of the city's Metropolitan Police Department called as a gang overrun reinforcements as the vice president and members of the House and Senate gathered inside.

It will be the first time that the public will hear that day from the two top security officials in the Capitol, both of whom resigned after the breach. Paul D. Irving, the house's former sergeant-at-arms, and Michael C. Stenger, the former senate's sergeant-at-arms, have come under scrutiny amid reports that they have not acted quickly enough to to summon the National Guard. The committees will also hear from Steven A. Sund, the former chief of the US Capitol Police, who also resigned after the attack, and Robert J. Contee III, the chief of the Metropolitan Police Department.

What we expect to see: Tuesday's hearing is the first in a series of surveillance hearings hosted by Senator Amy Klobuchar, Minnesota Democrat and chairman of the board panel, and Senator Gary Peters, Michigan Democrat and chairman of the Homeland Security Committee. They will be joined by the top Republicans on the panels, Senators Roy Blunt from Missouri and Rob Portman from Ohio.


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