Trump posts video rebuking Capitol violence but does not mention his role in instigating it.

Trump posts video rebuking Capitol violence but does not mention his role in instigating it.

2021-01-13 23:57:35

Within hours of becoming the first president to be impeached twice, President Trump posted a video to the White House Twitter account on Wednesday evening condemning the storming of the Capitol complex by his supporters last week and urging his followers to a repeat in & # 39; the coming years & # 39; to avoid. days both here in Washington and across the country. "

Mr. Trump recorded the video under pressure from aides, who have warned him that he may be legally exposed to the riot that took place immediately after a speech urging them to "fight the election results". ;, which he falsely claimed. was stolen.

The president did not mention his own role in inciting violence last week. On Tuesday, he defended the comments he made at a rally before his supporters marched to the Capitol as "perfectly appropriate", saying Congress's attempt to overthrow and condemn him "caused enormous anger."

He also did not acknowledge the loss of life or his own false claims that the election was stolen in the two months leading up to last week's rally.

As a 2016 candidate, Mr. Trump once encouraged participants of the rally to physically assault protesters. But in the video on Wednesday, he said that “mafia violence goes against everything I believe in and everything our movement stands for. No true supporter of mine could ever endorse political violence. "

"If you do any of these things, you don't support our movement, you attack it and you attack our country," he said. "We cannot tolerate it."

Of the reports of new demonstrations next week, Mr. Trump said, "There must be no violence, no violations of law and no vandalism of any kind."

Michael Gold contributed reporting.


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