Watching the Derek Chauvin Trial With Families Affected by Police Violence

Watching the Derek Chauvin Trial With Families Affected by Police Violence

2021-04-19 22:44:17

& # 39; May it please the court. Ladies and gentlemen of the jury, good morning. The video evidence I think will be very helpful and meaningful to you because you can see it for yourself without talking to a lawyer, lawyer spider, lawyer whatever. You can see it for yourself. "" Please. Please. I can not breathe. Please, man. Help me please. Please. I'm about to die in this thing. “Oh my God.” “What did he say?” “He said, I'm about to die. Oh my God. ”“ While watching the George Floyd trial, I noticed the differences and importance of footage. ”& # 39; This angle – & # 39; & # 39; When Stephon was murdered, we had only the statues of the officers. We just had their opinion. "" Hey, show your hands. " & # 39; You know, when my son was killed on the platform, there were several bystanders filming. And if the cameras hadn't been there we wouldn't even be here today as they probably would have said it was justified. "& # 39; Bro, with your feet on his head, man. Your knee on his neck." "He's pushing harder." "Yes." "I can not breathe." "A little bit more. Here." "I'm not looking at the footage of my father's incident because it's torture." "Do you see the cops punching his body a lot?" "Yes." "On his arms, on his torso, on his legs." "Here it is 30 years later, nothing has changed." 'Who are you going to believe now? The accused or your own eyes? “I watch the George Floyd case with my best friend, Tiffany, at her place.” “Oh my god.” “Wow.” “And he's still on his neck.” “Today was the first time I watched the whole George Floyd video, and it certainly reminded me of my father begging to scream his life. "" Check his pulse. Check his pulse. "" His daughter was the same age I was when my father was beaten. " & # 39; My name is Laura Dene King. I am Rodney Glen King's middle child. “The world saw the videotape.” “We thought the video showed excessive violence and unnecessary violence.” “With that videotape, if they had two eyes and they weren't blind, you could tell it was excessive violence.” "The defense tried to lessen the impact of the tape by dissecting it frame by frame in an attempt to show that King was a threat to the officers." a wounded animal. Had he grabbed my officer it would have been a deadly grab. Had he grabbed the weapon, he would have had countless targets. "" He didn't grab anyone at these events, right? " "No sir, he didn't." He couldn't walk. He had 50 broken bones. His skull was permanently broken. He had permanent brain damage. My dad was never the same after that. You know, and everyone just thought he was normal. they would never be normal again. ”“ This not only affects the person it happened to. It also affects all those people who look at it. They are all affected forever. ”“ I was desperate to help. " & # 39; I was just a little emotional, and I went to see the African American standing there on the doorstep. And I just thought: they are not going to help them. "Oh my God." "This man, he witnessed another African-American man being killed. The nine-year-old speaker at the trial." "Good morning, [inaudible]." "Good morning." "Which one are you?" 'Coincidentally, I happened to be walking down the street. She will never forget that for the rest of her life. “You ended up posting your video on social media, right?” “Correct.” “And it went viral?” “Correct.” “It changed your life, right?” “The girl who filmed George Floyd, the fact that she couldn't do anything to save his life. ”“ It has been nights, I kept apologizing and apologizing to George Floyd for not doing more. ”“ That's something that will haunt her, just like George Holliday, who made my dad's video. ”“ Without George Holliday, these four officers might not be on trial. ”“ He just wanted to test this new camera he had. Like, oh let me take it – he was standing there shaking, terrified. And he's still suffering, because that was the right thing to do. "" What could he have done to deserve that? “If I saw George Floyd's daughter today, I wish there was something I could say. But it's not easy. It's not easy at all. Because I'm sure she saw that videotape. something you carry in your head every day, just like my father's videotape. "" A difficult decision lies ahead of the jury, knowing that this city could be set on fire by acquitting the four officers. " "Not guilty of -" Chanting: "No justice, no peace. No justice, no peace." "And billions of dollars in damage to the city of Los Angeles." "That's what I'm saying. The police, they don't pay a cent for this trial. So my mom and I watched George Floyd's trial. And it brought back so many memories of my son Oscar's case. Oscar's last photo on his cellphone was of the officer who shot him. "" My name is Wanda Johnson. I am Oscar Grant's mother. Grant was once shot in the back while lying face down on the train station platform. He was unarmed. The 27-year-old officer has said he thought he had his Taser gun. pulled – "" – but instead accidentally pulled out his gun. "" And the incident was captured on cell phone video. "" Video speaks for itself. And the jury will see that and make the right decision. "" We knew we would have a very difficult time winning in the legal systems because the legal system was not made for everyone in society. ” "As the situation progressed, the crowd started to grow and grow." "Oh my god, the same playbook they used for what happened to Oscar, they used the same for George Floyd. Oh, there was a crowd of angry mob people." & # 39; They were behind them. There were people across the street, people were shouting. "" We don't know if they would attack us. I thought of the young man who testified in George Floyd's case. & # 39; & # 39; "You got angrier and angrier." "Call the police on the police." "911, what's the emergency address?" & # 39; How do you get someone to research who they work with? Of course, you will find that they are more likely to believe the people they work with than they will believe the citizens who are filing the complaint. "" Would you like to speak to those sergeants? "" Yes, I would. He did not respond. He didn't oppose arrest or any of this. "" Okay, one second. "" Murderers, bro. You are all just murderers, mate. "" You know, when we went to the jury for Oscar, they asked questions like, 'Do you know anyone? who went to prison? Do you know anyone who has met with the police? And as soon as the person said that, they would drop him from the jury, right? With a jury made up of different backgrounds, it can aid in the decision-making of the innocent or guilty. The 27-year-old officer – "" – pleaded not guilty to the murder charge. "" His trial was moved to Los Angeles over concerns about racial tensions and intense media coverage. "" Everyone, let's pray for a minute. "& # 39; Father God, we come to you and your son called Jesus Christ. Father, we ask the people who see this … & # 39; & # 39; Every time I come to my mother's house, I was reminded that my son was murdered here. & # 39; & # 39; My name is Sequette Clark. I am Stephon Clark's mother. "" Stephon Clark, 22, was shot while on the run from the Police." "Clark had to evade authorities after allegedly smashing a car window." "He was shot eight times in his grandmother's backyard." "Police apparently thought he was holding a gun, now say it was a cell phone." "They fired their service weapon out of fear for their own lives." "And after the incident, officers sometimes manually muted their body cameras." "Go this way." "When we watched the George Floyd trial, I invited certain members of my family because you can't bring something up in the community or the city or the country until you discuss it with the family at home." "When Mr. Floyd was in need, Mr. Chauvin didn't want to help him, he didn't help him." "So that's how they left my son out there. They handcuffed him after he was dead." "Excessive violence." “Excessive violence and deadly violence after death. I felt sad, heavy, exhausted. I felt like I was a slave 400 years ago. Just hear how he was dead, see how he was dead. And then to turn around and hear the defense's attempt to point out that we shouldn't focus on the – "" – 9 minutes and 29 seconds – "" – it took to kill George Floyd. But we must focus on what happened before then. Anything not directly related to George Floyd's murder is irrelevant in my opinion. "" He is 6 to 6 and a half feet tall. You didn't know he took heroin. Mr. Floyd used a counterfeit $ 20 bill to buy a pack of cigarettes. Mr. Floyd put drugs in his mouth. "Poppa's already dead. George Floyd's already dead." "That's right. That's right." "So now you bring him back to life to kill him all over again." "Actually." "Slandering him to justify the wrongdoing of your agents reminded me of exactly what the prosecutor did to Stephon." The cell phone investigation revealed a domestic violence incident that happened with the mother of his children. Texts and phone calls indicating he was looking for drugs and a photo of his hand holding 10 Xanax pills. "" What was on his cellphone has nothing to do with the actions of the police officers at the time of his murder. I feel it is bittersweet to watch the George Floyd trial. Because I am optimistic that this is a piece of justice for my son's death. "" Maybe we're not here. They're going to get him. They're going to get him. "& # 39; Has a crime been committed? The answer to that question is no. And as a result, we will not sue these officials for any criminal liability in connection with the shooting or use of force of Stephon Clark." April 1991: King fights emotional and physical scars. So this is basically a photo album of my dad's newspaper articles since he's been in the news. Years and years and years. You throw someone to the wolves and you expect them to be normal. You know, after that there is no such thing as normal. And can you imagine how many Rodney Kings there are who were never videotaped? There are plenty. "" I had prayed and hoped the Oscar trial would have been televised, because America really needs to look in the mirror and say, "Are all people treated equally?" George Floyd – "I'm not focused on the videotape, his toxicology, his heart condition. We're focused on the fact that several people witnessed this man's murder." “You can see it for yourself. It's crazy. "" People don't realize what it's doing to your family. It's bigger than just a trial and this officer. We will never see them again. We can never smell them again and we kiss them again. Our lives have been completely affected forever. "


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